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 Inuyasha Game

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PostSubyek: Inuyasha Game   Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:54 am

The game is a fan made RPG based on Japanese anime/manga "Inuyasha". The
story can be considered a parallel line to the original creation with a
different ending, dedicated to Inuyasha&Kikyo fans.

After Kikyo was killed by Naraku, Inuyasha and his friends had the final
battle with Naraku. Naraku was killed and the Shikon jewel disappeared
at the same time. When everyone was thinking this is over, something
unexpected happened. The connection in the Bone-eater well disappeared
and she cannot get back anymore. And Miroku's health starts to
deteriorate from Naraku's remaining poison. In desperation, Inuyasha
started a new journey trying to change all this tragedy.

v1.1 update released
Because there was a fairly amount of changes made, the Jamu Pecet turned
out to be ~80MB. Due to the large size, it is not provided here. Please
download the full game instead. Save files from v1.0 are compatible
with v1.1.

v1.1 update
1.Fix some mis-spelling and gramma errors
2.Fix possible glitches in Kikyo's demon detection
3.Fix good ending requirements
4.Fix some other minor problems
5.Update gameover picture (resource credit: Dan Mt.)
6.New special skill for Inuyasha


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Inuyasha Game
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