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PostSubyek: PSP XBOX 360 THEME   Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:17 am

How to Install PSP XBOX 360 THEME

1. Download CXMB Installer and Extract the file anywhere on your PC.

2. Connect your PSP to your PC. Then open your PSP.

3. Copy \CXMB Installer\full\cxmb folder (whole folder) from the extracted file into your MS root.

4. Open \CXMB Installer\full\seplugins\vsh.txt in the extracted
file.Copy the line ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx and paste it on vsh.txt file found
in seplugins folder in your PSP. (If you still don’t have the seplugins
folder, copy the whole folder from the extracted
file into your MS Root.

5. Copy the theme from \CXMB Installer\full\PSP\THEME\random.ctf into
your \PSP\THEME in your PSP. This will be the trial CXMB for you. You
can download PSP XBOX 360 THEMES below after this process completed and your CXMB installed perfectly in your PSP.

6. Disconnect your PSP from your PC, shutdown completely and enter
Recovery Mode by starting while holding the R Shoulder button.

7. Scroll down to Plugins, select it and scroll down to cxmb.prx (if
your don’t have any other plugins, only cxmb.prx [VSH] will be visible).

8. Turn it on (enable) by selecting it (Pressing X or O – depends on your hendheld).

9. Click Back then Exit.

10. Your PSP will be restarted. Go to your Theme Setting and select the theme you wanted.
That’s all. Your PSP is now looks better than ever! (After you installed CXMB
and enable it, your normal themes [.ptf] will not visible anymore).

You can turn off your cxmb by disabling cxmb.prx in Recovery Menu if you want to use the
normal theme (.ptf) again.
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